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How much do you charge for making a video?

The price is around 1700 USD per minute of video. However, it may be higher or lower depending on several factors, such as technical requirements, workload, deadlines, payment agreements or versions in other languages.

How much does it take to make a video?

A project usually takes between one and two months. It can be done faster, but it all depends on three factors: our current workload, the complexity of the information and the speed of approval.

What is your workflow like?

We start with a meeting to discuss the basics: deadlines, budget and goals.

Then, in a meeting with our writers, we discuss the project and decide on the content of the video. The writers then compose a script (which the client can help to edit).

Once the text is approved by the client, we record the audio. We also hold another meeting with the production team to discuss the visuals of the video. After that, production begins.

Finally, we send the video for review and we make adjustments based on the feedback from the client.

What sort of things do you explain?

Anything. Of course, we are not experts in every subject, but we like challenges and we like to untangle complex ideas. If you'd like some examples, we've been asked to explain procedures, laws, arguments, new services, and scientific topics, among many other things. Our clients are ultimately the ones who bring the information; our job is to understand and organize what we're taught.

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